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My Shaklee Story

Shaklee — The Spark that Changed Our Minds


Seeing Health Positively


I had grown up taking Shaklee supplements, but I hadn't consistently taken them once I started college. Fourteen years later, my husband and I started to take Shaklee supplements again because we were looking to start a family. I knew that Shaklee was high quality and would help me to conceive and to have a healthy pregnancy. After two months of taking the Vitalizer supplement strip, I became pregnant with our son.


Shaklee Vitalizer Prenatal/Postnatal System

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My OBGYN asked what prenatal vitamins I was taking and I mentioned Shaklee. He immediately said, "That's great! Do you know that I can't even prescribe the quality of supplement that you are taking? Are you a distributor?" At that point, my doctor planted a seed in our minds—we discovered that not only had we chosen Shaklee, a pharmaceutical grade supplement, we also had an opportunity to share what we had found with others.


Once we really learned what we had discovered in Shaklee nutrition, naturally we couldn't help but share the products with others. Shortly after our son was born, we became distributors.

Healthy Tomorrow 



At the time we thought it was something we could do to simply help others have access to high quality Shaklee products. Little did we know that it would literally be the spark that changed our minds about what healthy living really means.


It's often been said that if you are believing one thing and doing another that it won't take long before there is a collision revealing truth. The more we learned about the science behind Shaklee products the more it challenged us to think and act critically about our entire health—spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, and professional. It became very apparent to us—how could we be encouraging people to be healthy when our lifestyle was not healthy? Something had to change.


It's often been said that if you are believing one thing and doing another, that it won't take long before there is a collision revealing truth.


We love Shaklee products, because you do get powerful results. It's a brand that we can trust and for that reason, we love to share it with people. We started out taking the supplements and replacing all of our home and beauty products. At this point, most people would say, well, that's what you do when you become a multi–level marketer—you invest in yourself. It's true, we did start investing in ourselves, but the investment turned out to be much different than we expected.



We started to see improvements in our choices and unlike the past, these choices started to stick.



We started using more of the products to optimize our health. We started learning more about nutrition and how it impacts our health. At the same time something was going on that we didn't even understand at first. We started to see our habits changing. We started to see improvements in our choices and unlike the past, these choices started to stick. We were starting to see significant results in becoming more healthy. So what was the secret? We started to see our health in a positive way:


  1. Instead of health as a hurdle. We started to see it as an opportunity.

  2. Instead of responding to our health. We decided to be preventative in our health.

  3. Instead of making poor choices today, we make one better choice today that leads to a better tomorrow.


It was hard for us to recognize at first, because we didn't really realize that in the past we had been viewing our health through a negative perspective. Bottom line: we didn't believe we could change. We've come to believe that this negative perspective is what holds everyone back from achieving success.


Insightful Encouragement | Helping Others Optimize Their Health


A Life We Love


I am so grateful for Shaklee, because it was the spark that prompted change in us—not just in our actions, but in our thinking. What's even more rewarding is that with Shaklee, I get to do what I do best—give you insightful encouragement. I am passionate about insightful encouragement because I truly believe it's the kick start you need for your path to healthy living. I know this to be true because it's what I needed too! There was a time when I struggled to believe if I had what it takes. I needed someone to say, "You Got This"! I'm thrilled at each opportunity that I get to do the same for you—either with a personal note, a phone call, or even if it's just through my blog. I count it a true privilege to personally help you optimize your health. The bonus is that I also get to offer you some of those same phenomenal products that have helped us—to help you reach your health goals as well.


I hope you've been encouraged by my story. You can live a life you love and I'd love to help you. I'm looking forward to working with you in becoming The Best You.